There is a wrong information being posted on the website of kbdjunior

The fact is that one gentleman who was a minor came to meet Mr. Deoraj Chaturvedi our assistant secretary at Hotel Lalit.

During the course of discussion the same gentleman give the figure of Rs. 5 crore that will be spent on KBDjunior Mr. Chaturvedi wanted to know the sources of the funds and from where he is going to arrange these 5 crores, which he failed to explain.

Moreover being minor he was not eligible to enter in any type of contract or agreement with Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India. There was no figure of royalty given to the gentleman who kept on changing his name also.

As of now no permission is been granted by amateur Kabaddi Federation of India and is not mandatory to organise any event of kabaddi other than National championships.

This online website has collected money without having obtained any permission from us and has done that entirely on their own accord, we have no connection with kbdjunior website.