Message of President

The 21st Century has augured well for the indigenous game of India and the popular South Asian Game-Kabaddi. Ever since Kabaddi was established as a priority sports discipline in the XI Beijing Asian Games in 1990, there has been a steady improvement in the progress of this indigenous sport at the International level.

The inclusion of Kabaddi as a priority discipline for the first time in the 2nd Asian Indoor Games at Macau (SAR-China) became a landmark in the history of Kabaddi. This gave a golden opportunity to show case Kabaddi to the South East Asian countries and will remain as an epoch making event in the sports history of Asia, especially South East Asia.

It is noteworthy that it was China where Kabaddi was first included as a discipline in the 1990 Beijing Asian Games and 16 years later, China gave another opportunity to Kabaddi to make its debut in the Asian Indoor Games. This is a major stepping stone in the history of Kabaddi.

Efforts to get Kabaddi included in the Asian Beach Games held in Indonesia in 2008 proved successful, giving a further fillip to the game.

This becomes imperative on our part to express deep gratitude and sincere thanks to Mr. Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah, President, Olympic Council of Asia, for his continuous support to this wonderful game of Kabaddi on behalf of the Kabaddi World.

Mr. Randhir Singh Secretary General of Olympic Council of Asia also contributed to the development of the Kabaddi and he always made himself present on the ground to boost the morale of the players.

The contribution of Mr. Husain-Al-Musallam, Director General of Olympic Council of Asia is being hailed by everyone.

The rise of Kabaddi was not possible without the support which was being extended by the Indian Olympic Association.

As the time is changing fast and the need for website was being felt for quite some time, AKFI prepared for the same and this will be our endeavor to share the entire knowledge and data base of Indian Kabaddi with rest of the world.

Development is a never ending process and we will appreciate the suggestions to improve upon not only on the website but on the game too.